Nuance’s FlexT9 shipping on Lenovo ThinkPad tablet


Nuance Communications announced that its FlexT9 keypad is
shipping on the new Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet. Customized for the Android-based
Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet, FlexT9’s unique multimodal design lets users choose how
they input text to stay connected whether they trace it, tap it or write it.


Lenovo’s ThinkPad Tablet allows on-the-go business
professionals to remain productive wherever work takes them. With FlexT9,
Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet users now have the ability to take advantage of Nuance’s
renowned predictive input portfolio that features T9 Trace continuous touch, T9
Write handwriting, and XT9 predictive text.


Trace: Nuance’s T9 Trace lets Android tablet users enter
text with amazing speed by simply gliding their finger from one letter to
another on the virtual keypad – no spacing or punctuation required.


Write: With T9 Write, users can simply use their finger
to draw words and phrases, numbers, symbols, accented characters, and more on
the touch screen, and instantly see results.


Tap: At the core of FlexT9 is Nuance’s pervasive XT9
predictive text input technology, featuring next word prediction, word
completion, Sloppy-Type  word error correction, spell correction, and much
more across the entire input experience, including T9 Write and T9 Trace.


Users can seamlessly change back and forth among any of
FlexT9’s input modalities with a simple tap.


Additionally, Nuance’s FlexT9 will be supported by
Lenovo’s compatible USB physical keyboard, providing users with the same word
prediction and completion available as part of the FlexT9 integration on the
virtual keypad.


The ThinkPad Tablet is a business-enabled Android tablet
with features and applications that keep our enterprise customers connected and
productive no matter where they are,” said Tom Butler, director, ThinkPad
Marketing, Lenovo.


FlexT9 has proven to be an incredibly powerful interface
for tablets as it gives users the ability to overcome the challenges of the
traditional virtual keypad, while choosing the input that works best for them,”
said Mike Thompson, senior vice president and general manager, Nuance Mobile.


Nuance Communications recently announced an agreement
to acquire Loquendo, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Telecom Italia. The
combination of Nuance and Loquendo’s innovations will advance the proliferation
of voice-enabled solutions.


Acquisition will accelerate the development of new
capabilities that will deliver natural, conversational interactions between
consumers and the contact center, automobiles, mobile phones, and other
consumer devices in Europe and Latin America.


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