Retailers with tablets more appealing to mobile shoppers

Telecom Lead Asia: Use of tablets and mobile devices are
rapidly being deployed into the day to day transactions in retail business.
Tablets are becoming point of sale to the retailers. Retailers with tablets are
more appealing to mobile shoppers.

According to a survey based on Mobile Shopping, 22
percent of shoppers have been to a store where associates use mobile devices
instead of cash registers.

Additionally, 57 percent respondents think retailers who
use tablets and other mobile devices in place of cash registers are more
innovative than those who still use traditional cash registers.

The survey sponsored by AisleBuyer also found that 64
percent of shoppers feel store associates are most helpful when they are on the
store floor where consumers are shopping, rather than behind a cash register.

41 percent said they would rather see retailers replace
traditional cash registers with tablets to make room for additional

Almost half (43 percent) are familiar with the term
mobile wallet. Conversely, only 12 percent know what NFC — the acronym for
Near Field Communications — means

The cash register has a new rival. We’re seeing
increased interest from retailers in supplementing and potentially replacing
traditional registers with a tablet-based mobile POS or store associate
solution. Equipped with a tablet, store employees can do much more than just
help customers check out. Now, they can share product information, show video
demos and suggest related products — making them a more valuable and
profitable part of the in-store sale,” said Andrew Paradise, founder and chief
executive officer of AisleBuyer.

AisleBuyer offers mobile commerce platform for retailers, brands and quick service
restaurants. It provides mobile self-checkout capabilities for improving the
in-store shopping experience, conversion rates and average cart size by
delivering targeted product recommendations, promotions and coupons to
smartphone users while they shop.

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