Review of 3G tablet from Reliance Communications

After tying up with Apple, as the only private operator for the iPad 2 in India, Reliance Communications has now launched its very own Reliance 3G tablet – the first for an operator in the country, at the lowest price point in the market at Rs 12,999.

Manufactured by ZTE, and exclusively branded for Reliance, the 7-inch, TFT capacitive touch screen tablet is the only tablet in India today which comes pre-enabled with 3G – yet also works on the 2G network.

While connecting to all the Android apps via the Android app market, it also
comes pre-loaded with 15 popular social networking apps like Google, Gmail,
Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and YouTube, as well as information
services (browsing, navigation maps and search), communication services (email,
blog, SMS, and MMS), and entertainment services (music, video, and games).
Besides, it also connects to all the existing RWorld apps.

Built on the Android Gingerbread 2.3 OS, the tablet has 512 MB RAM, 32 GB expandable memory, micro SD external storage, 2 MP rear camera and front camera, and is fully Wi-Fi enabled, while also doubling up as a Wi-Fi hotspot for  up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices in range, for sharing of 3G. This last factor gives it a plus-point for 3G usage, as one tariff plan can be shared across devices and users.

The tablet weighs 389 grams and comes with a headset, microphone and on-screen touch keyboard that is similar to the iPad. It can also be connected to a Bluetooth device, and hence provides for the popular video calling and video conferencing with 3G. The tablet also offers push-mail capability, similar to that of the BlackBerry, which has an added plus of being configured to the internal mail server, like Lotus Notes, via the pre-bundling of ‘Documents To Go’ on the tablet for Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint

and PDF attachments. Other features include Mobile TV, voice calling, GPS and
video recording.

Some of the main differences between the Reliance 3G tablet and other existing tablets in the Indian market today are that is is already 3G-enabled, comes pre-loaded with 15 popular apps, it is Wi-Fi enabled – allowing for a personal Wi-Fi hotspot and sharing of 3G, it has dual camera capabilities, the lowest price point in the country today, and offers one of the longest battery lives at 8-9 hours. The tablet’s CPU is Qualcomm MS M7227T,800 Mhz and works on HSUPA 7.2 Mbps.


Specially for the tablet, Reliance Communications is offering three special 3G combo tariff plans, with discounts of up to 50 percent. In the Super Value Combo Offer, the price for 1GB, 2GB and 5GB of data per month over a 12-month period is priced at Rs 4,500, Rs 5,500 and Rs 7,000, respectively – as compared to the regular 3G price points for the same amountof data which costs Rs 7,788, Rs 8,988 and Rs 14,388, respectively. As far as the monthly plan is concerned, for 2GB and 5GB of data, the new price point is Rs 598 and Rs 798, respectively, as compared to the regular price of Rs 749 and Rs 1,199, respectively. The combo price for the Tab+Data Plan is available at one-time pay price points of Rs 17,499, Rs 18,499, and Rs 19,999, with zero monthly rentals.

The Reliance 3G Tab will be available across Reliance’s 3G network
in 333 Towns in 13 3G Circles, as well as in its 2G GSM circles. The product is
now available in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata at Reliance World and Reliance
Mobile stores across the 13 3G circles in the next few days. Supporting the
launch, a 24X7 customer care will be made available to the customers for all
technical assistance.

According to Mahesh Prasad, president – Wireless Business, Reliance Communications, With 2 million active 3G subscribers in India till date, Reliance Communications is hopeful that the launch of this new and unique 3G tablet will drive the adoption of its 3G network, as well as 3G in general and the company believes that this launch will be the beginning of many vendors coming forth to offer similar products. Reliance also hopes that this will be a one-stop device, with the customer having all communication needs met with a single device, at an affordable price point.”

RCom was recently awarded the -Best Broadband Network Performance 2011′ award at the recently concluded Aegis Graham Bell Awards in Mumbai.

By Beryl M

[email protected]