Samsung leads Indian tablet market with 46% market share; RIM achieves 21% in 3 months

Mobile phone major Samsung is leading the Indian tablet market with 45.8 percent market share. The second largest player in India is Research in Motion (RIM) with 21 percent market share, while Apple has the third position with 18.4 percent market share, according to CyberMedia Research.

However, their entry time has influenced the market share. Samsung launched their tablet in October 2010, RIM (June 2011) and Apple (January 2011). Considering the launch time, Research In Motion has a done considerable job and gained 21 percent market share in less than 4 months.

India media tablet market is emerging as 9-month ending June 2011 sales touch 1.58 lakh units

Though the India tablets market is still nascent, nearly 1,58,000 media tablets were sold (shipped) in the nine months ended June 30, 2011.

The split between 3G and WiFi models was in the proportion 70:30. Samsung used a tactical price drop to emerge the best selling Tablet brand in India during the three quarters ended June 2011.

Olivepad launched the first media tablet in India in July 2010. The first major international brand to launch followed in October 2010 – the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The Apple iPad, the most well recognized tablet, arrived in India only in January 2011.


Tablets provide touch based user experience with a convenient screen size for web surfing, content consumption and entertainment. Moreover, portability, ease of use and wireless connectivity ‘on-the-go’ make the tablet an even more attractive buy,” said Anirban Banerjee, associate vice president, Research and Advisory Services, CyberMedia Research.

Currently, the India media tablets market has many more models available with a range of features and at a variety of price points, compared to six months ago. However, for the Tablet to become a common man’s device, usage tariffs for high speed data services need to be brought down even further along with useful and relevant content for the Indian consumer,” Anirban added.

RIM’s Playbook, Apple’s iPad2, Motorola’s Xoom and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7 are some of the notable MNC tablet brands available in the India market in the high end range. Tablet models in the India market in Q2 2011 ranged from Rs 8,000 per unit going up to Rs. 47,000 per unit. Going forward, CyberMedia Research expects a majority of tablet models to launch in the volume segment at a price band between Rs 7,000 to Rs 15,000.

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