Tablet silicon content to touch $14 billion by 2015


Silicon content for tablets
will soar to nearly $14 billion by 2015, according to In-Stat.


Despite the fact that tablets have been available for
quite some time, it took Apple’s April 2010 launch of the iPad to legitimize
the market. The impact on silicon providers has been dramatic, but it’s about
to take on even bigger dimensions.


Without question, tablets are driving the increases in
silicon TAM (total available market) in portable entertainment devices,” said
Stephanie Ethier, senior analyst at In-Stat.


Global sales for tablets are on the rise as a result of
continued consumer demand, global expansion of tablets, and a wider adoption of
these devices beyond early adopters. In 2015, tablet and e-readers silicon will
account for nearly 85% of all silicon content dominating the category,” Ethier


According to In-Stat, e-reader unit shipments will
reach 40 million units by 2015. The processor total available market (TAM) for
PMPs will reach $2.2 billion in 2011. Tablet shipments will surpass 110 million
units by 2013. Personal navigation device (PNDs) shipments will peak in 2012,
then start to decline, as a result of the proliferation of navigation
capability in handsets.


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