Tablet users find usability problems



More than half of the tablet owners and intenders use
their tablet ‘daily’ or ‘often’ for social networking, games, eReading, music,
apps and viewing photos, according to Strategy Analytics.


The Strategy Analytics Wireless Device Lab report How to
Deliver a Differentiated Tablet Experience,” found that while the majority of
tablet owners are very pleased with their user experience.


There are several common usability problems, such as a
lack of tablet-optimized apps, poor text input experience and the need to
purchase a costly holder if not keeping the tablet in ones hands all the time.
Also, iPad owners lament the lack of Flash and closed content ecosystems.


Opportunities for differentiating the user experience of
touchscreen and tablet products will evolve across many levels of the
product/service proposition,” said Paul Brown, director User Experience
Practice, Strategy Analytics.


Faster processing, new form-factors, display and HMI
enhancements as well as unique service and content propositions can be
leveraged as sources of innovation.


While tablet owners use their devices mainly for web
browsing and email, many tablet owners have found a way to adapt the product to
their specific needs and behaviors. Strategy Analytics sees flexibility as a
key contributing factor to the strong emotional attachment that many tablet
owners feel toward their devices,” said Kevin Nolan, vice-president at Strategy


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