Tablets and phones to drive consumer electronics sales to $790 billion in 2012

Telecom Lead India: Revenue of the global consumer
electronics device industry is expected to grow by 5 percent to reach nearly
$790 billion in 2012. The growth will be driven mainly by mobile devices such
as tablets, smartphones and laptops.

Strategy Analytics predicts that growth will be driven by
the North America and Asia Pacific regions, which will see 5 percent and 7
percent respectively.

Due to the Eurozone crisis, Western Europe Consumer
Electronics device industry revenue will remain flat. Consumers in Western
Europe are cutting back spending in many areas, but are still purchasing
Consumer Electronics products, especially those devices which can eliminate the
need for multiple dedicated devices. However, this will not be enough to drive
growth in this region.

Jia Wu, director, Connected Home Devices of Strategy
Analytics, said universal mobile computing devices such as smartphones, tablets
and laptops continue to gain traction at the expense of dedicated devices
regardless of geographical differences.

Despite the growth of tablets, laptops will continue to
account for the majority of mobile computer sales in 2012.

Consumers will continue to buy notebooks and ultrabooks,
as these devices offer better productivity functions.

Kantideep Thota, analyst, said, within the laptop
category, we expect around one tenth of laptop sales to be ultrabooks this
year. As the price premium of ultrabooks over traditional notebooks declines, 7
out of 10 laptops sold are expected to be ultrabooks in 2016.

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