Tablets to replace portable gaming systems and TVs in the U.S

Smartphones and tablets are replacing relatively new technology like portable gaming systems as well as devices that have long resisted substitution like TVs and laptops, according to Chadwick Martin Bailey.

The increase in quality and capabilities of mobile devices has sparked major changes in consumer habits. For example: over half of smartphone and tablet users play games on their device and two-thirds of these people are using other devices less for gaming (particularly portable gaming systems).

A recent study of over 1,400 U.S. consumers conducted by Boston-based custom research firm, Chadwick Martin Bailey found that nearly two-thirds of tablet owners have used these devices to watch feature-length movies. As tablets become more mainstream, the data indicate that stand-alone DVD players will go the way of the horse and buggy.

The increasing ubiquity and capabilities of smartphones, tablets and the mobile networks that support them is having enormous implications for the entertainment and consumer electronics industries,” says Chris Neal, vice president of Chadwick Martin Bailey’s Tech and Telecom Practice.

Content owners and advertisers of all stripes stand to benefit, while many specialty device manufacturers will need to course correct if they haven’t already,” Neal added.

Not all consumer behavior changes are a zero-sum game, however. Overall consumption of entertainment, like watching videos on YouTube, social networking, and watching TV and feature length movies has increased as a result of increased smartphone and tablet ownership.

Everyday activities have also felt the effects of the mobile device revolution: 80 percent of mobile device owners have used their device for mapping and getting directions. Among these users, 89 percent say they’re using other methods like stand-alone GPS devices less.

The study also looks at behavioral differences by gender, age, income, region, and device ownership. The research also takes a pulse on likely future trends: for instance, 26 percent of US adults claim they are considering buying a tablet in the coming year.

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