Tablets will increase to 134 million in 2015 from 25 million in 2011 in the U.S.

Telecom Lead America: Tablets in the U.S. will increase
to more than 134 million in 2015 from 25 million in 2011.

Currently, iPads represent 51 percent of all tablets
owned in the U.S.

Almost 25 percent of respondents who intend to buy a
tablet in the next six months say they don’t know what brand they will

For the second quarter in a row, Apple’s iPad is leading
the tablet market, forcing all other competitors to battle for the remaining 49
percent share,” said Carl Howe, research VP and head of the devices practice at
Yankee Group.

It’s too late to change current ownership, but tablet
makers looking to gain on Apple need to start improving their brand visibility
and targeting people who don’t already have their minds set on an iPad,” Howe

According to Yankee Group, those who planned to buy a
Kindle Fire in 2011 now own one, bumping ownership up to 7 percent. But today’s
intent to buy has dropped off, falling from 11 percent last year to just 6
percent today.

Last year, more than 10 percent of consumers owned a
Samsung tablet and 8 percent intended to buy one in the next six months. In
2012, these figures have fallen to 7 and 4 percent, respectively.

Fewer than 4 percent of consumers currently own a
BlackBerry PlayBook or Motorola- or Dell-branded tablet, and just 2 percent say
they own an Asus tablet.

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