Telecom industry body COAI and GCF to promote mobile device interoperability

The Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) and Global Certification Forum (GCF) signed an agreement to promote interoperability for mobile devices entering the Indian market.

The Indian mobile handset market is growing at 20 percent per year. More than 600 devices are launched annually.

Issues with low quality handsets are undermining the experience of mobile users generally and increasing costs for network operators.

Device certification could help ensure that India realizes the full economic and social benefits from the deployment of mobile broadband data services across the country.

COAI and GCF to promote mobile device interoperability

GCF certification could support Indian handset manufacturers in their efforts to enter export markets. By minimizing duplication of testing, the scheme has also been proven to reduce time-to-market for new mobile devices.

GCF’s assurance of interoperability can also reduce after-sales service costs and enhance brand perception for local manufacturers.

“Mobile telephony has transformed the socio-economic quotient of the country to remarkable levels and has become an essential tool for the people. Mobile technology today not only commands the bulk of the communications system, but is also viewed as a critical tool for social and financial inclusion, with an emerging role towards governance and administrative solutions,” said Rajan Mathews, director general, COAI.

GCF and COAI will work to identify certification requirements that may be specific to India such as high temperature resistance and performance issues that are not yet part of the global scheme.

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