Wacom introduces Bamboo pen tablets

Wacom announced the launch of Bamboo pen tablets that
enhance the use case interests of computer users.

Consisting of three new choices, Bamboo Connect, Bamboo
Capture and Bamboo Create, the Bamboo family of tablets brings ideas and
creativity to life by delivering a flexible and fun computing experience.

Bamboo Connect is designed for visual communicators in a
home or office environment who want to express their ideas visually and
collaborate with digital ink.  Bamboo Capture is the ideal choice for the
photo hobbyist who wants to have fun editing or retouching photos with the
benefits of Wacom pen input.  

For the artistically inclined, Bamboo Create is the
platform of choice to turn creative ideas into works of art.  Bamboo
Capture and Bamboo Create also feature multi-touch input capabilities, giving
users up to 16 touch points for gesture-based input such as scrolling, zooming
and much more, depending on application support.  

“Bamboo is all about offering choices to the
end-user and giving them the creative freedom to work with their computer in a
natural way,” said Rick Peterson, director of consumer products for Wacom.

“With Bamboo, inspiration and expression become one,
allowing people to explore computer input in ways they never thought
possible,” Peterson added.

Bamboo’s pressure-sensitive, battery-free and cordless
pen is the soul of the brand experience, delivering precise input control and a
true pen-on-paper feel.  Whether note-taking, editing, sketching or
painting, the pen is the ideal tool to use when working with software
applications, especially those creative applications that support pressure
sensitivity.  One can even erase mistakes with the pen’s digital eraser!

Bamboo Connect is a pen-only tablet and ideally suited
for visual communicators who embrace pen usage for digital inking, doodling and
white-boarding. Bamboo Connect comes with Autodesk Sketchbook Express, a
creative software application with multiple inking tools and colors for
sketching and painting.  In addition, Bamboo ownership turns on the
digital inking functionality in the latest versions of Microsoft’s Office Suite
to facilitate more natural collaboration.

Bamboo Capture offers pen and multi-touch input in a
single device.  The silver and black accented tablet is geared to the
photo enthusiast or novice designer seeking a fun way to turn ordinary photos
into extraordinary ones using the pen’s 1024 levels of pressure with included
software, Adobe Photoshop Elements and Autodesk’s Sketchbook Express.  

Bamboo Create provides 2X the work space than Bamboo
Capture to give creative customers more freedom of movement when making broad
pen, pencil or brush strokes on the tablet surface. Bamboo Create also supports
the Bamboo wireless module and ships with Corel Painter Essentials, Adobe
Photoshop Elements and Autodesk Sketchbook Express for the most complete
creative software application bundle in the Bamboo line.

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]