Will Nokia launch tablet on Microsoft Windows platform soon?

Telecom Lead India: Will the struggling mobile major
Nokia launch its tablet on Microsoft Windows platform in this quarter?


Considering the growth of Apple and Samsung in the media
tablet market, tablet strategy is a must for Nokia.


Mobile device analysts suggest that Nokia should not
follow strategies of Cisco and Research In Motion. Cisco will stop production
of Cius enterprise tablets. BlackBerry maker Research In Motion is struggling
with its PlayBook tablet.


During the last few days, media was abuzz with Microsoft
launching a new touch tablet. Reports did not confirm that whether Microsoft is
launching its own tablet or a hardware company like Nokia launching its tablet
on Microsoft Windows platform.


If Microsoft is introducing its own branded tablet, the
IT major will hurt its present OS association with mobile giant Nokia.


To compete with Apple and Samsung, Nokia to launch
Windows-based Tablet


According to earlier reports, Nokia is gearing up for
tablet launch this quarter.


Nokia is planning to enter in the tablet market to
strengthen its market share and compete with leading manufacturers such as
Apple and Samsung. In a recently given interview, Nokia design Chief Marko
Ahtisaari said that he is spending a third of his time on creating a tablet for
the cell phone maker, which would stand out among hundreds of iPad-challengers.


Nokia is widely expected to launch an own tablet using
Microsoft’s Windows 8 software later this year. Nokia Windows 8 tablet is
expected to come with a 10-inch screen, dual-core Qualcomm processor.


There were media reports about Google launching its
tablet as well.


It is vital for Nokia to step up its focus on tablet and
smartphones as it is losing market share and posting decline in revenue growth.


Nokia posts 26% decline in sales in Q1 2012


Nokia recently reported 26 percent decline in net sales
at EUR 7.4 billion (including Nokia devices, Nokia Siemens and location
business) for Q1 2012, against EUR 10.4 billion for Q1 2011. Nokia
reported an operating loss of EUR 1.3 billion for Q1 2012, against operating
profit of EUR 439 million for Q1 2011.


Last week, Financial Times reported that at an event in Los Angeles on
Monday, Microsoft will unveil a touch-screen tablet running a version of
Microsoft’s next Windows operating system, one person familiar with its
preparations said, although it was unclear whether this would be a machine
carrying Microsoft’s own brand or that of one of the hardware companies that
have traditionally built PCs. Some reports on Friday suggested that the company
would use the Los Angeles event to take the wraps off its own,
Microsoft-branded tablet.


Analysts say both Nokia and Microsoft will take time to
compete with Samsung and Apple and gain significant market share in tablet


Apple leads global media tablet market in first quarter


Apple is leading the media tablet market in the first
quarter of 2012. The device major has nearly 65 percent of worldwide units.
Apple’s cumulative shipments in its first eight quarters of availability are 67
million. iPad can’t claim the highest mobile broadband (3G/4G) attach rate for
media tablets, though Apple retains its title of shipping the most 3G-enabled
tablets by outpacing the number two competitor by a factor of eight.


ABI Research said the media tablet market shipped 18.2
million devices in Q1 2012, registering 185 percent y-o-y growth. Apple’s 11.8
million iPad shipments were spurred by the launch of a third-generation lineup
and price reduction on iPad 2 models. Samsung is the second largest tablet
player. Its 1.1 million shipments returned the vendor to the number two spot
after Amazon’s Kindle Fire shipments fizzled entering 2012.


Sub-$400 media tablets to grab more than 60 percent market
share by 2016


ABI Research said the sub-$400 media tablets will grab
more than 60 percent market share by 2016, while the market for the over $400
segment is expected to shrink. There are currently more than 220 media tablet
models in the market. While the Apple iPad remains the market leader in the
media tablet segment, the buzz created by iPad has paved the way for more and
more vendors to join the race, especially in the lower price segment.


Eearlier, Nokia’s Chief Executive Stephen
Elop said the tablet category is interesting for the Finnish company, but
has stressed the need for a different approach to numerous rivals trying to
battle against the dominance of Apple’s iPad.


Nokia plans more smartphones in 2012


The Finnish company will further develop its Series 40
and Series 30 devices, and invest in key feature phone technologies like the
Nokia Browser, aiming to be the world’s most data efficient mobile

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