Abaco Systems unveils new 40 Gigabit Ethernet solution

Abaco Systems has unveiled a DSP282A 6U OpenVPX multiprocessor with abaco-logo


The rugged device will be flexible for the user so that the price and performance can meet the deployment requirement. The company revealed that this move was triggered by growing customer demand for system throughput in the most demanding applications.

Designed to be compatible with large radar systems like synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and ground moving target indicator (GMTI) with minimal latency for operational effectiveness, the added gigabits allow data derived from multiple high resolution sensors to be moved to the processor to give useful and meaningful output in the least possible time.

Intended for functioning in challenging surroundings, the DSP282A delivers up to 665.6 GigaFLOPS of throughput per card slot alongside support for advanced 3D graphics, claims the company. 

Hence it can be considered for manned- and unmanned airborne, ground and naval applications that need maximum and precise performance but are limited in terms of size, weight and power (SWaP).

The device with built in dual 5th generation Intel Core i7 2.4GHz quad core processors uses (HPC) technologies for computation, and is claimed to be a foray into HPEC (high performance embedded computing).

With this usage, the card count can also be cut down by mapping multiple platform functions such as control, DSP, image and video processing and graphics onto one or more DSP282As, thus reducing extras and simplifying operation.

The multiprocessor, to which the system can be upgraded in the same SWaP envelope, is encrypted with the company’s new on-board Security Hub and is backed by the latest Intel platform security features.

“40 Gigabit Ethernet is rapidly establishing itself as the interconnect technology of choice, and the DSP282A is evidence of our commitment to delivering it to our customers,”conveyed Chris Lever, VP, Product Management, Abaco Systems.

The device also comes with the company owned HPEC Center of Excellence offering experience and expertise in the development of challenging multiprocessor applications.

The launch follows the previous launch of DSP282 in the same series announced in January, supporting up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

Abaco AXISPro application development environment provides application optimization support for multi-core, multi-threaded and multi-node distributed system architectures working on various OS like Linux, Windows and VxWorks.

The group separated from General Electric Company (GE) in 2015, and deals in sophisticated, open architecture electronic systems for aerospace, defense and industrial applications.

Vina Krishnan

[email protected]