AMD grabs central processor market share from Intel

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has grabbed nearly a third of the market for central processor units, according to Mercury Research.
AMD EPYC processors
AMD has captured share from Intel. The report said Intel still remains the largest player in the market for x86 processors, which work with popular operating systems like Microsoft Windows. In the fourth quarter, Intel had 68.7 percent market share for x86 processors versus AMD’s 31.3 percent, which was up from 28.5 percent a year earlier.

Chip technology firm Arm Ltd’s rise in the global PC market slowed in the fourth quarter of 2022

The PC sales slump has affected Apple’s Mac computer lineup, which is the leading source of sales for Arm-based PC chips.

Arm PC chips, led by Apple’s in-house chips but also joined by Qualcomm’s recent PC chips for Windows machines, have 13.3 percent share of the market PC chips, down from 14.6 percent a quarter earlier but still up from 10.3 percent share a year ago.