AMD uses SiTime MEMS precision timing solutions for Alveo X3

SiTime Corporation announced that AMD is using SiTime MEMS precision timing solutions for its Alveo X3 series, the first AMD network cards designed with screened FPGAs and optimized specifically for low latency electronic trading.
SiTime CascadeAMD’s network interface card (NIC) platform is optimized for electronic trading systems that require lower latency and security in every transaction. The SiTime SiT95145 Cascade clock system on a chip (ClkSoC) is a single chip solution that generates all the clocks in the Alveo X3 NIC and delivers superior performance required by high-speed networks, and data centers.

“We used the SiTime SiT95145 Cascade clock system on a chip to supply all critical clocks. This precision timing device replaced multiple oscillators and resonators, simplified our clock tree design, and helped us save verification time, accelerating our time to market,” said Hamid Salehi, director of product marketing, Fintech and Blockchain Technologies, AMD.

AMD’s FPGA-based platform delivers low-latency performance benefits through turnkey networking IP, connectivity and timing technology, and hardware adaptability for electronic trading requirements. The Alveo X3 low-latency data center accelerator card can serve as a plug-and-play NIC, providing deterministic response time for rapid, reliable trade execution.

Cascade, with SiTime’s MEMS technology combined with a low noise and on-chip PLL IC, enables more robust system timing. This ClkSoC precision timing solution is designed to deliver ultra-low jitter even in the presence of noise, accurate frequency synthesis without crystal capacitive mismatching and 10x greater vibration resistance.