ARM launches Cortex-A50 processors, promising 3x increase in smartphone performance

Telecom Lead America: ARM has launched the new ARM Cortex-A50 processor series, promising 3x increase in smartphone performance.


Based upon the ARMv8 architecture, the series initially includes the Cortex-A53 and Cortex-A57 processors.

Moreover, the new processor series introduces an energy-efficient 64-bit processing technology, as well as extending existing 32-bit processing.

ARM partners will benefit as the scalability of the processor series enables them to create system-on-chips (SoCs) that address diverse markets, from smartphones through to high-performance servers.

The new processors will deliver up to three times the performance of today’s superphones and extending today’s superphone experience to entry-level smartphones.

Both processors are compatible with the ARM 32-bit ecosystem and integral to the evolving ARM 64-bit ecosystem.

The Cortex-A57 is high-performance applications processor, while Cortex-A53 is power-efficient ARM application processor.

The Cortex-A53, the world’s smallest 64-bit processor, can operate independently or be combined into an ARM big.LITTLE processor configuration.

Announced licensees of the new processor series include AMD, Broadcom, Calxeda, HiSilicon, Samsung and STMicroelectronics.

Simon Segars, executive vice president, processor and physical IP divisions, ARM

“Consumers expect a personalized mobile experience, integrating their daily lives, with seamless connectivity providing access to vast amounts of information. The ARM ecosystem will continue its rate of unprecedented innovation to enable diverse platforms. This will deliver an era of transformational computing, from mobile through to the infrastructure and servers that support consumers’ connected, mobile lifestyles. This will create massive opportunities for market expansion and a revolution in user experiences,” said Simon Segars, executive vice president, processor and physical IP divisions, ARM.

In the past five years, the ARM ecosystem has driven a 15x increase in the performance of smartphones, enabling a transformation in how people use their devices. The capabilities of the Cortex-A50 processor series allow it to transition from a 32-bit to a 64-bit execution state, enabling existing applications, and provides scalability to 64-bit for mobile computing client evolution and future superphone trends.

Earlier, reported about the launch of the second generation of the ARM Mali-T600 Series graphics processing units (GPUs). The company claims that the second generation of the Mali-T600 Series provides an improved user experience for tablets, smartphones and smart-TVs.

The latest Mali-T600 Series is based on the Mali Midgard architecture and comprises the Mali-T624, Mali-T628 and Mali-T678.

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