Arm partners ship a record 8 billion Arm-based chips

Arm partners have shipped a record 8 billion Arm-based chips, taking total shipped to date to more than a quarter of a trillion (250 billion).
Arm chip business
Arm has reported 28 percent increase in revenue to $746 million during October-December 2022.

Arm posted Adjusted EBITDA of $450 million with EBITDA margin exceeding 50 percent during October-December.

Arm has reported licensing revenue of $300 million (+65 percent) including agreements with four key customers (an automotive OEM, cloud service provider, a microcontroller manufacturer, and a consumer electronics semiconductor vendor).

Arm has reported royalty revenue of $446 million (+12 percent) driven in part by demand for Arm-based server technology and Arm-based chips in automotive, as well as Armv9 processor technology gaining traction in smartphones and cloud server applications.

Arm achieved strong revenue growth in target markets with double- or triple-digit revenue growth across automotive, client (consumer devices), infrastructure and IoT.

“With a quarter of a trillion Arm-based chips already changing the world, we are poised to make an even greater impact and change the world again. The world’s data centers, IoT systems, automobiles and next-generation consumer devices all need power efficient computing capabilities, fueling the long-term demand for Arm technology and innovation,” Rene Haas, CEO of Arm, said in its earnings report.