Broadcom signs new deal with iPhone maker Apple

Chipmaker Broadcom has entered into two multi-year agreements with iPhone maker Apple for the supply of wireless components used in its products.
Apple iPhone in Japan
The agreements, “2020 SOWs”, are in addition to the existing ones for supplying radio frequency components and modules to the iPhone maker and together could generate as much as $15 billion in revenue for Broadcom.

Broadcom in December forecast full-year 2020 revenue of about $25 billion, plus or minus $500 million, as the company expects strong demand for its chips from rising 5G adoption across the world.

Apple and Qualcomm, one of the main rivals of Broadcom, in April said the $940 billion smartphone maker and $85 billion mobile-chip ended a two-year fight over royalties with a licensing agreement and a cash payment to Qualcomm.