BT selects MediaTek’s Adaptive Network technology for Home Wi-Fi

BT has selected MediaTek’s Adaptive Network technology to power its Whole Home Wi-Fi solution for delivering full-coverage wireless connectivity.

“As providers of home wireless connectivity, we’re committed to delivering the best experience to our customers and our Whole Home Wi-Fi ensures fast, reliable connections for multiple devices throughout the house,” said Erik Raphael, director of BT Devices.

The Adaptive Network solution — powered by three MediaTek chipsets such as MT7621, MT7615 and MT7615) — at the core of BT’s Whole Home Wi-Fi provides full coverage wireless connection experience with the latest in network security and smart connectivity features.

Users of BT’s Whole Home Wi-Fi will benefit from a simple setup of a network and small repeaters which automatically route network traffic throughout the home ensuring total Wi-Fi coverage with no sacrifice in speed or reliability.

“As we welcome more and varied connected devices into our homes, we must start looking for smarter, whole home wireless coverage solutions for connectivity. MediaTek’s Adaptive Network technology is designed to meet these needs and we’re confident that homes across the United Kingdom will enjoy enhanced connectivity thanks to BT’s Whole Home Wi-Fi,” said Joe Chen, co-chief operating officer at MediaTek.

Meanwhile, MediaTek announced the availability of MT2533D, an integrated chipset for smart, connected headphones, headsets, earpieces and hands-free systems.

MediaTek said its MT2533D chipset is designed for wireless headphones and in-vehicle hands-free systems. The MT2533D chipset from MediaTek is ideal for stand-alone sports headsets or travel earpieces as it offers local MP3 playback.

Making music playback possible without the need to pair a smartphone, such devices could offer users access to up to 1000 tracks using the support for 4GB external storage, said MediaTek in a statement.

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