Cavium brings FastLinQ 25/100GbE adapter technology for NFV users

Cavium HQ in US
Cavium has integrated its FastLinQ 45000 Series 25/100Gb Ethernet Adapter technology into Data Plan Development Kit (DPDK) — delivering performance of up to 200Gbps throughput for NFV users.

The US-based semiconductor company said that Cavium FastLinQ technology can host the most demanding Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and cloud workloads while reducing deployment costs.

“Telecoms and cloud service providers are embracing NFV to fundamentally change the architecture of their networks to obtain greater service agility and reduce costs,” said Cliff Grossner, senior research director & advisor for cloud, data center and SDN at IHS Markit.

63 percent of service providers want improved operational efficiencies without sacrificing carrier grade performance and quality. This will drive the need for solutions providing 100Gbps Ethernet high-performance CPU offload for NFV and cloud workloads providing operational efficiencies with reducing deployment costs.

“Cavium FastLinQ NIC technologies and innovation with NFV and cloud infrastructure partners eliminate the performance barrier associated with realizing and deploying NFV and cloud solutions,” said Rajneesh Gaur, vice president and general manager, Ethernet Adapter Group, Cavium.

HPE invests in HPE NFV Infrastructure Lab and works with NIC providers like Cavium to test and optimize HPE Servers to provide better performance for telecoms workloads.

“As telecom operators are deploying NFV solutions in production environments, they require reliable carrier grade platforms and infrastructure which have the data packet processing performance necessary to support virtualized network functions (VNF’s),” said Claus Pedersen, director, Communication Service Provider Platforms, Data Center Infrastructure Group, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Cloud and telecoms providers need high performance Ethernet connectivity solutions and innovative designs in order to achieve new levels of scalability, reliability and efficiency as they deploy, manage, and operate services in a virtualized environment.

“We expect 100Gb Ethernet market to answer some of these challenges and to grow significantly over the next few years and we see Cavium FastLinQ 45000 Series well positioned to benefit from this opportunity,” said Sameh Boujelbene, senior director, Dell’Oro Group.

With up to 200Gbps of Ethernet line rate throughput, the FastLinQ 45000 series 25/100Gb Ethernet Adapters offer an expansive set of features and protocols, delivering the following key benefits for cloud and Telco deployments:

Increased Performance and Scalability for NFV and cloud Workloads

Cavium FastLinQ 45000 Series 25/100Gb Ethernet Adapters leverage industry standard technologies combined with impressive small packet performance to deliver enhanced scalability and improved performance. FastLinQ 100GbE Ethernet adapters are optimized for software-defined networking (SDN) and OpenStack deployments to deliver a robust and feature rich high speed networking solution for Telco and Cloud deployments.

Improved Server Utilization

Cavium FastLinQ 100GbE solutions provide hardware offloaded protocol processing, which results in a significant reduction of the CPU burden and improves overall server efficiency. Hardware offloads for RDMA, VxLAN, GENEVE and NVGRE optimize performance while reducing the cost of network encapsulation for virtualized workloads and hybrid cloud deployments.

Efficient Administration

Cavium technologies, combined with Mirantis FUEL for OpenStack orchestration and QConvergeConsole topology maps for OpenStack, allow the seamless integration and accelerated deployment of workloads in Telco and Cloud datacenters.