Cavium launches enhanced wireless display adapters for smartphone and tablet OEMs

Telecom Lead America: Cavium has launched enhanced wireless display adapters to deliver optimized user experience with the latest Android 4.2 release for mobile devices.

These enhancements enable smartphone and tablet OEMs using Android 4.2 to offer superior wireless display experience.

Cavium claims that its wireless display solutions have already been deployed in the market with a broad range of tier 1 mobile and adapter OEMs.  This capability can further accelerate the adoption of wireless display on mobile devices by enabling end-to-end optimized functionality as the industry moves to the new Android 4.2 release.

The Android support for wireless display functionality will slash the development cost and significantly reduce the time to market for smartphone and tablet OEMs deploying this feature across different application processors and different versions of the operating system.

The Android specific optimizations of Cavium’s receivers offer time-to-market advantages to OEMs, while the flexibility of Cavium’s solutions enables differentiation and customization. Cavium’s USB-powered, small form-factor, low cost, and now Android-optimized reference platforms are ideally suited to address the needs of the mobile industry, as the OEMs and mobile operators seek new paths for bringing value-add features to consumers.

“We are very excited to support the native wireless display functionality in Android 4.2,” said Raj Singh, general manager of Cavium’s Digital Home and Office Division.

“Cavium’s PureVu Media SoC has already experienced rapid adoption among top tier OEMs within the mobile industry due to its differentiating features and low latency. Our latest adapter enhancements create an optimized end-to-end solution for mobile OEMs and operators, which they can leverage to deliver differentiated products within an accelerated timeline,” Singh added.

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