DSP Group signs Comigo to launch home automation solution

Telecom Lead America: DSP Group has signed up with Comigo to launch home automation (HA) solution based on DECT Ultra Low Energy (ULE) technology.

The DSP-Comigo solution includes DSP Group’s DECT ULE chipset solutions and software stack and Comigo’s smart set-top box. The DSP-Comigo solution is designed to offer tools for controlling and monitoring the home environment.

Moreover, the solution leverages DECT ULE that operates over a dedicated frequency band. DECT ULE features extended coverage – allowing nodes and devices located several floors away from the set-top box to communicate through walls and ceilings without intermediate repeaters.

“We see a growing demand from consumers for security, monitoring and control services that are simple to install and enable easy management of daily tasks, without infringing on leisure activities,” said Sigalit Klimovsky, vice president of Business Development at Comigo.

“We are proud to partner with Comigo in offering the world’s first DECT ULE-enabled set-top box, extending and enriching the user experience far beyond multimedia and Internet browsing,” said Jan Abelev, corporate vice president of Product Management at DSP Group.

“Comigo is an innovator who looked beyond a “me-too” set-top box, exceeding user expectations and exploring new territory with service providers. Comigo grasped the key advantages of DECT ULE over other available technologies, and applied them to deliver an inspiring value proposition for service providers and end-users,” Abelev added.

Recently, TelecomLead.com reported that DSP Group announced that its VoIP chipset is powering the CAT-iq 2.0-certified VoIP base station offered by Swissvoice. Anchored by DSP Group’s XciteR chipset, Swissvoice’s IB 200 is the first VoIP base station to be certified by the DECT Forum. The base station supports HD voice and other features to enhance user experience via an Ethernet connection to the IP network.

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