Freescale unveils GaN RF power transistor for telecom sites

Freescale Semiconductor has revealed the launch of its first gallium nitride (GaN) RF power transistor for cellular base stations.

The new A2G22S160-01S offers better performance in 30 W and 40 W amplifiers for wireless infrastructure applications.

Freescale recently introduced MMRF5014H, its first GaN RF power transistor for military and industrial applications.

Improvement in power conversion efficiencies, switching speeds and greater power densities than silicon, creation of power transistors that are much smaller in size and that outperform traditional devices are the benefits of GaN RF power transistor for cellular base stations.

Freescale’s Airfast family of RF power products covers the entire range of wireless cellular spectrum from 600 MHz to 3.8 GHz. The A2G22S160-01S offers performance in the frequency range between 1800 MHz and 2200 MHz.

In a 40 W Doherty two-way asymmetrical amplifier employing one A2G22S160-01S in the carrier path and two in the peaking path, maximum output power is 56.2 dBm, said Freescale.

With 8dB output back-off (OBO), gain is 15.4 dB and efficiency is 56.7 percent. Adjacent-channel power (ACP) is -55 dBc with digital predistortion (DPD) when driven by two 20 MHz LTE carriers with an aggregate 40 MHz carrier bandwidth, said Freescale.

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