LG CNS taps Entropic chip for Indian STB market

LG CNS has tapped Entropic chip for Indian STB market.

LG CNS, an IT services company in South Korea, has selected Entropic EN7190 high-definition (HD) IP set-top box (STB) system-on-a-chip (SoC) for its IP Hybrid STB, the LCP3x0, targeting the transition from standard definition (SD) to HD TV viewing in India.

The LG CNS Smart Linux IP Hybrid STB features include quick access to programming, personal video recording and time-shifting, a nine-channel mosaic view of recommended viewing channels, integration of popular Web applications, and integrated search for program navigation.

Roger Gregory, vice president, Marketing, Entropic, said: “By working with LG CNS we are enabling operators to take a significant step forward in delivering high-end STB features and value-added services in a low-cost device.”

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