Marvell launches new product portfolio

Marvell launched an enhanced EZ-Connect family of Wireless Microcontroller system-on-chips on Monday.

The new products include an expanded software offering and a growing ecosystem of partners providing complementary products and services.

Earlier this year, Marvell announced 88W8997, 28nm Wi-Fi 11ac 2×2 Wave-2 and Bluetooth combo product. Marvell considers the 88MW300/302 Wi-Fi Microcontroller SoC as its flagship chip in the EZ-Connect family. The company plans to launch new OEM products in the coming months.

The company noted that the 88MW300/302 Wi-Fi Microcontroller SoC is supported by a software development kit that includes tools and documentation to help developers to focus on features, services, and applications of their IoT product. In addition to programming in C/C++, developers can script applications in JavaScript using KinomaJS.

Marvell has also partnered with smart-home platforms including the one with Apple’s HomeKit and Xiaomi’s Smart-Home solution.

The company announced a growing ecosystem of partners including IoT Cloud platform providers, wireless module suppliers, and engineering design houses. Arrayent, Ayla Networks BlueCreation and Electric Imp are some of them.

In addition to the 88MW300, Marvell launched integrated Dual-Mode Bluetooth Microcontroller SoC (88MB300) is available today. It has features like Cortex-M3 microcontroller and 512kB SRAM along with dual-mode Bluetooth 4.2 support.