MediaTek Dimensity 7050 to power 5G smartphones

MediaTek, a semiconductor company powering nearly 2 billion devices a year, has launched MediaTek Dimensity 7050 chipset.
MediaTek Dimensity 7050Lava, a leading mobile brand in India, will use to MediaTek Dimensity 7050 chip to launch Lava Agni 2 5G smartphone.

MediaTek Dimensity 7050 chipset allows smartphone makers to create smartphones with greater CPU performance, low-power consumption, incredibly smooth gaming experience and allow the device makers to create attractive, slim and light 5G smartphones.

MediaTek Dimensity 7050 gives gamers intelligent performance and super-hotspot power saving, making every moment matter. With integrated 5G HSR mode the smartphone will actively search and connect to the lowest latency available cell tower to minimize online ping.

The advanced networking engine with call and data concurrency allows gamers to keep a 5G data connection open and uninterrupted for their game, while simultaneously accepting a call on the second SIM.

The Arm Mali-G68 graphics engine and the octa-core CPU featuring two Arm Cortex-A78 processors clocked up to 2.6GHz provide superior performance, rapid App response, and smooth gaming, extending battery life for longer gaming sessions.

The dedicated 4K HDR video capture engine can record and stream video that’s bright and sharp in all lighting conditions under minimal battery usage. MediaTek APU 550 allows several AI-camera enhancements.

The chipset employs full HD+ displays up to 120Hz. MediaTek Intelligent Refresh Rate Display technology allows brands to provide all the user experience benefits of super-fast refresh rate displays.

Wi-Fi 6 with 2×2 MIMO affords faster, more reliable internet connections. Integrated into the chip along with Bluetooth 5 and GNSS, the wireless connectivity is more power-efficient than other external chip solutions.

Faster 5G Carrier Aggregation (2CC-CA) with mixed duplex FDD+TDD makes use of both low and mid-band for higher speeds, greater reach, and a seamless handover between two 5G connection areas across a coverage layer, where users receive over 30 percent greater throughput layer coverage than without CA.

The advanced 5G modem, which is integrated into this ultra-efficient TSMC N6 (6nm-class) chip, in combination with MediaTek 5G UltraSave, brings even more 5G power-savings to the chip. Dimensity 7050 gives users more choice with dual 5G SIM (SA+SA) with support for premium VoNR voice and video call services from both connections.