MediaTek reveals Helio X20 mobile processor with 10 cores

MediaTek has revealed the launch of Helio X20, a mobile processor with Tri-Cluster CPU architecture and ten processing cores (Deca-core).

The Helio X20, which will feature WorldMode Category 6 LTE modem with carrier aggregation and CorePilot 3.0 advanced scheduling algorithm, is expected to be available in consumer products by end of this year.

MediaTek’s Tri-Cluster CPU architecture in the Helio X20 provides three processor clusters, each designed to handle different types of workloads.

The Tri-Cluster CPU consists of one cluster of two ARM Cortex-A72 cores (running at 2.5GHz for extreme performance) and two clusters of four ARM Cortex-A53 cores (one running at 2.0GHz for medium loads and one running at 1.4GHz for light activities).
The Tri-Cluster CPU architecture is enabled by MediaTek’s CorePilot 3.0 heterogeneous computing scheduling algorithm.

CorePilot 3.0 schedules the tasks for all CPUs and GPUs on the SoC while managing power and thermal effects. It provides up to a 30 percent reduction of power consumption against conventional dual cluster architectures, said MediaTek.

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