MediaTek technology focus at CES 2018

MediaTek MT6739 chipset for 4G phonesLeading semiconductor company MediaTek made several announcements at the ongoing CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

MediaTek has joined hands with Alibaba A.I. Labs, a developer of artificial intelligent (AI) products for e-commerce giant MediaTek has joined hands with Alibaba, to conduct Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives including smart home protocols, customized IoT chips and AI smart hardware.

MediaTek and Alibaba announced the first Smartmesh connectivity solution in China that supports the latest many-to-many Bluetooth mesh technology, in an effort to speed up the adoption of this technology in smart home settings.

ASUS, D-Link and others will use MediaTek chipsets for bringing Gigabit Wi-Fi connectivity for their routers and home coverage devices. MediaTek said its connectivity chips provide features including support for smart Wi-Fi mesh technologies, security and easy setup via Bluetooth 5.0.

MediaTek announced MT5598 chipset for HDR-enabled 4K TVs. The MT5598 chipset for UltraHD SmartTV platform incorporates a leading specification to enable the latest – and future – UltraHD TV and movie content.

MT5598 allows 4K TV manufacturers the flexibility to pair it with a range of LCD panels, backlight combinations, licensed or free technologies and localized content standards. These standards cover UltraHD Blu-ray as well as streaming services from Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, VuDu, VQQ, Voole, iQIY and YouKu.

MediaTek is evolving its home entertainment platform by developing solutions that power artificial intelligence (AI) voice and vision capabilities for smart home devices. Launch of MT8695, a 4K dongle SoC, the MT8516 system on module (SoM) and the smart display solution reflects the strategy of MediaTek.

MediaTek supports AI voice services including: Amazon Alexa; Google Assistant; Alibaba and Baidu – which includes both the China and global smart speaker markets, across multiple brands.

MediaTek is expanding its VAD Soc to smart home appliances. The new MT8516 SoM will give device designers and manufactures an easier path to enabling the AI voice capabilities of form factors such as alarm clocks, fire alarms and other home appliances.

MediaTek said its smart display solution based on MT8176 and MT8173 supports AI capabilities, for both home entertainment and surveillance systems.

MediaTek has launched MT8695, the industry’s first 12nm SoC designed for 4K streaming on Dongle form factor. The dongle supports core multimedia features including UHD 2160p at 60fps, HDR10 and Dolby Vision.