NVIDIA powers research labs of engineering colleges in India

NVIDIA said it is powering the research labs of three major engineering colleges in India.

The research labs of Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology (Bangalore), JSS Academy of Technical Education (Bangalore) and Chennai Institute of Technology (CIT), Chennai, are now powered with NVIDIA Quadro GPUs.

NVIDIA also helps these colleges upgrade their existing Computer Aided Design Laboratories (CAD) to create a talent pool that is ready to take advantage of the booming Engineering and Design industry.

The advanced lab allows students to evolve concepts, gain first-hand experience and learn key design applications to get a better understanding of the designing industry. They get insights into tools like Design Workflows, Complex Model Visualization, and Designs Flaws.  They can also learn how to collaborate using 3D models for better and swifter decision making.

Further NVIDIA platforms also allow students to latest advances in GPU technologies, helping them hone their skills and get ready to work in the Industry, from day one, said Vishal Dhupar, managing director – South Asia, NVIDIA.

India is fast growing as an Engineering and Design hub for various vertical domains including Automobiles, Aerospace, Semiconductor, Telecom, Computing and Hi-tech. The total ER&D Export from India is approx USD 11.2 billion, according to NASSCOM.

NVIDIA has been engaged in education program that reaches more than 500 institutes in India.  The company partners with colleges to provide Quadro powered CAD labs and CUDA labs for high performance computing.

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