NXP Semiconductors launches new NFC tag IC products, increasing RF performance

Telecom Lead America: NXP Semiconductors has launched its new NFC tag IC products.

The NTAG21x family is expected to expand the deployment of NFC tags for OEMs, inlay customers and end users.

It is meant for increasing RF performance.

The new NTAG21x is available in several memory sizes – from 48 to 888 bytes.

New features include UID ASCII mirror, a NFC counter, an integrated originality signature and password protection.

These features are expected to address customer demand for multi-application support, fast serialization, smaller footprints and simple product authentication capabilities, thus enabling mass deployment in publishing, retail, advertising, consumer electronics, gaming and smartphone applications.

“The NTAG product family is an important base for SMARTRAC’s NFC tag offering. The innovative features of the new NTAG21x, such as UID mirroring, specific NFC counter, and basic security with password based authentication, will generate additional momentum in major non-payment NFC applications,” said Ivan Plajh, head of business line mobile and smart media at SMARTRAC.

The NTAG21x family is comprised of four different products, defined around specific application categories. NTAG210, NTAG213, NTAG215 and NTAG216 will offer respectively 48, 144, 504 and 888 bytes of user memory, corresponding to the maximum message size that can be stored.

“Whether deploying campaigns regionally or globally, brands are counting on NFC-enabled media out in the field to accurately measure and track these cutting-edge solutions. The integration of NXP’s new NTAG21x products into the thinaire NFC Enterprise platform will enable us to further diversify our services and accelerate deployment,” commented Mark Goodstadt, CEO of thinaire.

All products are NFC Forum Type 2 Tag compliant, and share the same optimized RF sensitivity, making them the performance benchmark in their category. The NTAG21x family is available now in sample quantities through selected NXP partners including SMARTRAC, Identive, and LSIS.

“2012 has been characterized by important NTAG-based NFC application roll-outs, which resonated beyond the traditional NFC ecosystem and allowed new customers to benefit from and use the technology,” said Rutger Vrijen, VP and general manager, tags and labels product line, business unit identification, NXP Semiconductors.

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