Qualcomm Announces Rs 177 Crore Investment in Chennai, Set to Create 1,600 Jobs

Chip-making giant Qualcomm revealed plans for an expansive new facility at their design centre in Chennai, India.Qualcomm Technologies Snapdragon X75
The announcement, made during the ‘Global Investors’ Meet’ in Chennai, detailed an anticipated investment of Rs 177.27 crore that is expected to pave the way for the creation of 1,600 employment opportunities.

This newly envisioned Qualcomm design centre will specialize in wireless connectivity solutions, specifically focusing on innovations that complement Wi-Fi technologies. Moreover, it will play an active role in bolstering Qualcomm’s global research and development initiatives in 5G Cellular technology, solidifying the company’s position as a leader in the wireless communications industry.

Savi Soin, President of Qualcomm India, emphasized the significance of this move, stating, “The new design centre is a critical asset to support Qualcomm’s commitment to ‘Make in India’ and ‘Design in India’. This will expand our collaboration with India technology partners and accelerate the market adoption of new technology.”

The establishment of this design centre is expected to not only provide a significant boost to Qualcomm’s operations but also create employment opportunities for 1,600 highly skilled professionals, contributing substantially to the growth and development of Chennai’s workforce.

Mahesh Moorthy, Vice President of Engineering and Head of Qualcomm Chennai Design Center, remarked, “Tamil Nadu, with its rich pool of skilled professionals, outstanding educational institutions and focus on innovation, holds the key to propelling Qualcomm’s technological advancements to new heights.”

Qualcomm’s sizeable investment signifies a deepening commitment to the Indian market, leveraging local talent and resources to further innovation and technological prowess in the realm of wireless communications.