Qualcomm Atheros to release new 802.11ac Wave 2 solutions

Qualcomm Atheros will be releasing new 802.11ac Wave 2 solutions that combine multi-user multi-input/multi-output (MU-MIMO), support for 160 MHz channels and 4×4 antenna configurations to offer better Wi-Fi connectivity.

A number of Qualcomm Atheros customers have or will soon launch products based on the current generation of MU-MIMO chips.
Qualcomm Atheros is adding two new products that further extend the capabilities of its Qualcomm MU | EFX line up. Qualcomm Atheros’ new products, which include the QCA9984 for home routers and QCA9994 for enterprise access points.

The latest Qualcomm VIVE with Qualcomm MU | EFX solutions are sampling now, with customers such as TP-Link incorporating the QCA9984 into its designs.

Qualcomm Atheros is showing this new technology in a live, over-the-air demonstration of 160 MHz operation during Computex 2015, alongside other Wi-Fi, mobile and innovations for the Internet of Everything.

Qualcomm image
The 160MHz contiguous and 80+80MHz non-contiguous 802.11ac channels – double the capacity of the existing 80MHz channels. The QCA9994 further supports 5/10 MHz narrow channels for public safety applications.

Todd Antes, vice president of product management, Qualcomm Atheros, said: “Our new 802.11ac solutions include additional Wave-2 features to raise the performance bar yet again-laying the groundwork for the next-generation of Wi-Fi infrastructure.”

To date, more than 10 networking customers, and a number of mobile and computing customers, are already designing and launching products based on Qualcomm Atheros’ first generation MU-MIMO solutions. Amped Wireless, Aruba Networks, an HP company, Hitron Technologies, Linksys, NETGEAR, Acer, Dell, Nubia, Xiaomi and Samsung are some of the Qualcomm customers.

Meanwhile, Qualcomm Atheros is launching a hybrid wireless range extender utilizing its HomePlug AV2 (HPAV2) multi-input/multi-output (MIMO) Powerline and 802.11ac Wi-Fi technologies. The company also announced a new HomePlug AV2 single-input/single output (SISO) solution that brings reliability to mainstream broadband equipment.

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