Qualcomm chipset with Facebook technology to deliver internet

Qualcomm and Facebook announced a new partnership aimed at delivering cost effective internet connectivity through the development of a multi-node wireless system based on 60GHz technology from Qualcomm Technologies.
Qualcomm for IoT
This terrestrial connectivity system aims to improve the speed, efficiency and quality of internet connectivity at a fraction of the cost of fiber deployments, Qualcomm said in a statement on Monday.

Qualcomm Technologies will integrate its QCA6438 and QCA6428 pre-802.11ay chipsets with Facebook’s Terragraph technology.

Manufacturers can build 60GHz mmWave solutions using the unlicensed 60GHz spectrum and provide Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) to offer broadband connections to consumers in urban areas. Qualcomm and Facebook expect to begin trials of the integrated solution mid-2019.