Qualcomm expands 802.11ad Wi-Fi technology to enhance network capacity

Qualcomm chips for mobile InternetChipset major Qualcomm Technologies has expanded its 802.11ad Wi-Fi technology to assist OEMs to bring out products that can improve network capacity and deliver fixed broadband access targeting enterprises and carriers.

The US-based Qualcomm Technologies is partnering with enterprise OEMs to bring tri-band access points and outdoor products to market this year – including MikroTik’s Wireless Wire 60G outdoor transparent link.

Mikrotik, a provider of Internet connectivity devices, is using Qualcomm Technologies’ 802.11ad solution to power its Wireless Wire 60G Gigabit Ethernet extender that provides advanced connectivity between buildings up to 100 meters.

“MikroTik is taking advantage of untapped wireless spectrum to eliminate expensive fiber installs and unsightly aerial cable drops,” said John Tully, chief executive officer, MikroTik.

802.11ad Wi-Fi technology

Qualcomm said its 802.11ad Wi-Fi technology already provide multi-gigabit wireless connectivity for laptops, wireless docks, smartphones and home networking products.

Offering multi-gigabit speeds in the 60 GHz band, 802.11ad can provide cost-effective alternative to fiber and cable deployments. Qualcomm Technologies said its 802.11ad chipset combines QCA6335 baseband and QCA6310 RF transceiver, which uses up to 256 antenna elements to maintain robust wireless connections for outdoor and long-range deployments.

Qualcomm said it brings benefits to demanding enterprise environments, including beamforming and beam steering features to maintain strong connections in dense environments, highly-accurate positioning, as well as a low-power CMOS design to meet enterprise Power over Ethernet (PoE) requirements.

“802.11ad holds great promise for a variety of consumer applications, and can provide enterprises and carriers with a highly cost-effective way to extend their networks indoors and out,” said Irvind Ghai, vice president, product management, Qualcomm Technologies.

Tri-band access points (supporting 802.11ad in the 60 GHz band, and 802.11ac in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands) are ideal for enterprise-class networks, as they augment Wi-Fi capacity in dense places like conference rooms, cubical environments, auditoriums and public venues.