Qualcomm intros modem chipsets for satellite capability

Qualcomm Technologies has introduced two modem chipsets, namely the Qualcomm 212S Modem and the Qualcomm 9205S Modem, which come equipped with satellite capability.
Qualcomm Satellite IoT SolutionsThese advanced chipsets cater to off-grid industrial applications that require standalone non-terrestrial network (NTN) connectivity or a combination of NTN and terrestrial networks. They empower IoT enterprises, developers, original design manufacturers (ODMs), and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to leverage real-time information and insights for effective management of business projects.

Jeff Torrance, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Connected Smart Systems at Qualcomm Technologies, emphasized the significance of these chips, stating, “Our Qualcomm 212S and Qualcomm 9205S chips take our IoT tracking and monitoring capabilities one step further, providing connectivity and coverage even in the most remote areas.”

Qualcomm Technologies partnered with Skylo, a prominent NTN service provider, to deliver satellite connectivity through the Qualcomm Aware Platform using their network of satellite operators in order to ensure coverage in challenging cellular environments.

“This collaboration optimizes integration through the Qualcomm 212S and 9205S modems, enabling a wide range of IoT use cases for both stationary and in-transit applications,” Parthsarathi Trivedi, CEO and Co-Founder of Skylo, said.

The Qualcomm 212S Modem is specifically designed for ultra-low power consumption, making it ideal for remote and fixed locations, where an extended usable life is crucial. It supports applications such as telemetry and data collection from water and gas tanks, meters, and other infrastructure equipment.

Additionally, it is well-suited for utility grid monitoring, early fire detection reporting, on-shore and off-shore mining installations, and environmental management. The Qualcomm 212S is Qualcomm Technologies’ first IoT-NTN-only modem that adheres to the 3GPP Release 17 standards for satellite communications. It focuses on cost efficiency by including only the essential features necessary for satellite communications.

Moreover, the Qualcomm 212S Modem seamlessly integrates with the recently announced Qualcomm QCM4490 Processor, enabling effortless ultra-low power satellite connectivity for industrial handheld devices. This integration plays a crucial role in powering time-critical, two-way messaging capabilities and one-way payload delivery between devices and customer endpoints or the Qualcomm Aware cloud.

On the other hand, the Qualcomm 9205S Modem enables IoT devices to establish easy connections with both cellular and satellite networks, ensuring comprehensive coverage without gaps. It also incorporates GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) for accurate location data.

This modem is particularly suitable for industrial applications that demand reliable, always-on hybrid terrestrial and satellite connectivity. Use cases include tracking transoceanic shipping containers, monitoring agricultural equipment and livestock, and managing global fleet and freight tracking for supply chain logistics, including remote deliveries conducted by logistics partners.

The Qualcomm 9205S facilitates hub-type use cases through its highly capable applications processor and peripheral support, catering to a wide variety of IoT applications.

While the Qualcomm 9205S Modem is currently available, the Qualcomm 212S Modem is expected to be released later this year.