Qualcomm to Cut Over 1,250 Jobs Across California Offices as Part of Restructuring

In a strategic move, chip-making giant Qualcomm has revealed plans to cut approximately 1,258 jobs across two of its offices in California, United States. This decision comes amidst a challenging market landscape and follows Qualcomm’s cautious outlook for the fiscal Q4, highlighting a decline in smartphone sales and anticipated job cuts.
Qualcomm 5G NR-Light Modem-RF System

Job Cuts Details:

The layoffs will affect 1,064 workers from San Diego and 194 from Santa Clara, as reported by recent filings with the California Employment Development Department. The job cuts are slated to take effect around December 13, 2023, impacting approximately 2.5 percent of Qualcomm’s workforce.

No Facility Closures, Clarifies Qualcomm:

Despite the substantial job cuts, Qualcomm made it clear that neither office in San Diego nor Santa Clara will experience any facility closures. The move is aimed at streamlining operations and adapting to the changing market dynamics while maintaining its operational footprint in both locations.

Focus on Financial Resilience and Market Adaptability:

Qualcomm’s latest decision follows a cautious approach outlined by the company during its fiscal third quarter earnings call, emphasizing a conservative market outlook. President and CEO Cristiano Amon expressed a commitment to taking proactive cost-saving measures to ensure the company’s financial resilience and create maximum value for shareholders.

Amid Global Economic Uncertainties:

While debunking rumors about the closure of their research and development facility in Shanghai, China, Qualcomm acknowledged plans to downsize operations due to uncertainties surrounding the global economy and demand dynamics. This prudent approach aligns with the company’s objective to navigate the evolving market landscape efficiently.


Qualcomm’s strategic job cuts are part of a larger restructuring initiative aimed at bolstering financial resilience and aligning with the company’s cautious market outlook. Adapting to the evolving smartphone industry and global economic uncertainties, the company is focused on maintaining operational efficiency while strategically reorganizing its workforce.