Revenue of foundries up 6% to $35.21 bn: TrendForce

Total revenue of the global top 10 foundries rose 6 percent QoQ to $35.21 billion for 3Q22, according to TrendForce.
Revenue of top foundries in Q3 2022TrendForce forecasts that the total revenue of the top 10 foundries will register a QoQ decline for 4Q22.

Revenue of top foundries in Q3 2022 was $20.16 billion (+11.1 percent) for TSMC, $5.58 billion (–0.1 percent) for Samsung, $2.47 billion (+1.3 percent) for UMC, $2.07 billion (+4.1 percent) for GlobalFoundries, $1.90 billion (+0.2 percent) for SMIC and $1.2 billion (+13.6 percent) for HuaHong Group.

Revenue share of top foundries in Q3 2022 was 56.1 percent for TSMC, 15.5 percent for Samsung, 6.9 percent for UMC, 5.8 percent for GlobalFoundries, 5.3 percent for SMIC and 3.3 percent for HuaHong Group.