Sale of semiconductors in May 2017

Semiconductor revenue in May 2017
Sale of semiconductors was $31.9 billion in May 2017, up 22.6 percent compared to $26 billion in May 2016 and up 1.9 percent from $31.4 billion in April 2017, according to the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA).

SIA said year-to-year growth in May was the global market’s largest since September 2010. All major regional markets notched year-to-year increases of more than 15 percent in May, and the Americas led the way with growth of 30.5 percent.

Y-o-y sales increased across all regions: Americas (30.5 percent), China (26.3 percent), Europe (18.3 percent), Asia Pacific/All Other (17.7 percent), and Japan (15.8 percent). Month-to-month sales increased in Europe (3.9 percent), the Americas (2.8 percent), Japan (2.3 percent), Asia Pacific/All Other (1.7 percent), and China (0.7 percent).