Sequans brings VZ20M and VZ21M single-mode LTE modules

4G chipmaker Sequans Communications announced the VZ20M and VZ21M modules, single-mode LTE modules.

The VZ20M, recently certified by Verizon Wireless, is a complete M.2 connectivity solution for the design of tablets, notebooks, and laptop computers.

Sequans also offers the VZ21M, a variant of the VZ20M that includes GNSS (global network satellite system), for designers who want to include location services.

Sequans’ EZLinkLTE modules give device makers plug-and-play LTE connectivity solutions that significantly reduce development cost and time, Sequans said on Tuesday.

Sequans’ EZLinkLTE modules are the first Verizon Wireless certified, single-mode LTE modules in the industry to support both LTE bands 4 and 13.

sequans VZ20M

“EZLinkLTE modules are powerful yet simple solutions for adding LTE connectivity to just about any type of device—we now offer VZ20Q for consumer electronics and M2M devices, VZ20M for notebooks and laptops, and VZ21M for designs with GPS capability,” said Georges Karam, Sequans CEO.

Sequans’ EZLinkLTE chip is compliant with 3GPP release 9 and delivers category 4 throughput of up to 150 Mbps in the downlink. The modules include the baseband and all other elements necessary for a complete LTE modem system.

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