Signalchip intros chips targeting OEMs of 4G and 5G NR modems

Signalchip, an Indian fab-less semiconductor company, introduced four semiconductor chips targeting OEMs of 4G / LTE and 5G NR modems.
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Signalchip’s four chips

SCBM3412 is a single chip 4G/LTE modem including the baseband and transceiver sections in a single device.

SCBM3404 is a single chip 4X4 LTE baseband modem.

SCRF3402 is a 2X2 transceiver for LTE.

SCRF4502 is a 2X2 transceiver for 5G NR standards.

The RF sections cover all LTE/5G-NR bands up to 6GHz.  These chips support positioning using India’s own satellite navigation system, NAVIC.

The combined SoC can serve as a base station chipset for form factors from low-cost indoor small cells to high performance base stations. These are designed to support network architectures like Open RAN/CRAN with flexible interface configurations. The company has the potential to design chipsets for 5G NR features.

Himamshu Khasnis, founder and CEO of Signalchip, said silicon chip design is a challenging activity requiring high-cost R&D, deep knowhow and mastery of multiple complex domains.

Sridhar Vembu, founder and CEO of Zoho, funded the project. The company was also guided by professors at IIT Madras in the field of complex analog/RF design.