SK Hynix Unveils Zoned UFS 4.0, Enhancing On-Device AI Capabilities

SK Hynix has revealed the development of Zoned UFS (ZUFS) 4.0, a mobile NAND solution tailored for on-device AI applications.
SK hynix develops ZUFS 4.0ZUFS, or Zoned Universal Flash Storage, represents a revolutionary NAND Flash product designed to streamline data management efficiency. By optimizing data transfer between operating systems and storage devices, ZUFS categorizes data with similar characteristics into designated zones within the UFS, catering to a diverse array of electronic devices such as digital cameras and mobile phones.

On-Device AI, a transformative technology enabling AI functions to be executed directly on the device itself, is poised to revolutionize user experiences. SK Hynix’s ZUFS 4.0, customized for on-device AI implementation in smartphones, is hailed as an industry leader in its category. The company anticipates that this latest innovation will solidify its position in AI memory, extending its success beyond high-performance DRAM, exemplified by HBM.

ZUFS introduces a novel approach to data classification and storage, allocating data generated by smartphones into distinct zones based on their characteristics. Unlike conventional UFS solutions, ZUFS enhances operational speed and storage management efficiency by grouping data with similar purposes and frequencies into separate zones.

The implementation of ZUFS translates into tangible performance improvements for smartphones. Compared to conventional UFS, ZUFS 4.0 reduces the time required to run applications during prolonged usage by an impressive 45 percent. Furthermore, enhancements in read and write performance mitigate degradation issues, leading to a remarkable 40 percent increase in product lifespan.

SK Hynix aims to start production of ZUFS 4.0 in the third quarter targeting makers of on-device AI smartphones, says Ahn Hyun, Head of the N-S Committee at SK Hynix.