Telecom Lead India: TE Connectivity (TE) has launched Remote Antenna Units (RAUs) for its InterReach Spectrum and InterReach Fusion distributed antenna systems (DAS).

TE claims that the RAUs will reduce the cost of DAS deployments by requiring less equipment per installation. Moreover, the RAUs can support higher-capacity needs for 4G services, giving building owners and mobile operators greater flexibility in designing DAS solutions.

The new RAUs deliver as much as six times more power than TE’s current indoor RAUs. This makes it possible to deploy a DAS cost-effectively because less equipment and cabling will be needed to deliver coverage and capacity.

TE estimates that this new RAU family will save their customers up to 50 percent on total solution cost. In addition, the higher power RAUs can be mixed with TE’s current RAUs in venues where extra antenna power is required at some locations but not others. Moreover, the new RAUs can be deployed in multiple scenarios including wiring closets, giving DAS architects even more flexibility in system design.

The higher power RAUs are particularly useful in supporting 3G and 4G network technologies such as W-CDMA and LTE where greater signal strength is needed for multi-media applications. 4G services promise more capacity to users, and the new higher power RAUs deliver that capacity.

Alan Clarke, president of Network Solutions at TE Connectivity

“Greater flexibility and lower costs are the key benefits our customers will gain from these new higher power RAUs. These new InterReach Spectrum and InterReach Fusion RAUs emphasize our position at the forefront of in-building wireless technology in the market,” said Alan Clarke, president of Network Solutions at TE Connectivity.

The $14 billion TE Connectivity’s Business Unit TE Wireless provides solutions for wireless and enterprise networks around the world.

Meanwhile, TE Connectivity has launched its NG4access ODF platform for telecoms. The new optical fiber distribution frame (ODF), chassis, adapter pack, and cabled module solution set delivers equal front and rear technician access.

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