3G users in India consume 44 percent more data than 2G users

Data usage for 3G users in India is close to 44 percent more than 2G users, according to Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights.


Smartphone users in India spend more time on entertainment and internet based content than on voice calling and text messages.


The average Smartphone user spends 2.5 hours a day using their phones with 72 percent of their time spent on activities such as gaming, entertainment, apps and internet related content. Only 28 percent of their time is now used for voice calls and text messaging.


Smartphone users in India are using their phones for more than 2.5 hours per day, of which communication (calls, SMS, emails) accounts for only 28 percent of usage.


Younger Smartphone users (15-25 year olds) spend more than 3 hours per day on their phones and spend 60 percent of the time on entertainment and browsing e.g., gaming, surfing the net and multimedia.


68 percent of 15-24 year olds used a chat app last month as compared to 42 percent for the 31+ year olds.


An Android user installs an average of 19 apps in a month compared to 10 apps for a Symbian user.


84 percent of Android users played a game in the last month compared to 59 percent for Symbian users.


India’s rapidly growing mobile user base presents marketers and businesses with an opportunity to improve the precision with which they reach out to the new Indian consumer. Today, younger Indians for instance, prefer texting and chat over voice communications and understanding this behavior better can define data consumption and customer acquisition strategies for operators and handset providers,” said Farshad Family, MD – Media, Nielsen India.



On-device metering is a pioneering technology that will for the first time give advertisers, content developers and telecom players an insight into how the mobile consumer is evolving. For instance, we now know that 3G users consume significantly more data than 2G users and that Android users download and consume a greater volume of apps.


These analytics combined with Nielsen’s expertise in consumer understanding will offer marketers an unmatched view of a powerful new medium”, said Kedar Sohoni, president, Informate Mobile Intelligence.


By Telecomlead.com Team
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