3M showcases 3M twin axial cable assembly solutions at DesignCon 2012

Telecom Lead Team:
3M Electronic Solutions
Division’s Interconnect business has launched its latest 3M Twin Axial Cable
Assembly Solutions at DesignCon 2012.


3M Twin Axial
Cable Assembly Solutions allow design and hardware engineers to achieve
exceptional electrical performance while improving airflow and cable management
in internal and external electronics applications.

The 3M Twin Axial
Cable Solutions we have available today are some of the most versatile cables
currently on the market from both a design and capability perspective,” said
David N. Schneider, global business manager, 3M
electronic solutions division,
interconnect business.


These cable
assemblies utilize the 3M twin axial cable, SL8800 series, the flat, foldable
and longitudinally shielded high-performance twin axial ribbon cable.


The company said
that its cable assemblies for SFP+, cable assemblies for QSFP+ and the high-
routability external miniSAS cable assembly 8G26 series are designed for high
data-rate applications, including servers, storage, switches and data center
networks. These cable assemblies are compatible with multiple protocols
including InfiniBand, Ethernet, Fibre Channel and SAS.

The newly
released external cable assemblies leverage the 3M Twin Axial Ribbon Cable,
SL8800 Series’ mechanical and electrical benefits, allowing for maximum
routability while maintaining optimal signal integrity and performance.

The cable
assemblies offer unparalleled flexibility through high-routability external
miniSAS cable assembly 8G26 series for applications that demanded flexibility
from high-speed assemblies for use in the server’s articulating arm.

These new
cable assemblies for external applications are available now through 3M
authorized distributors and direct from 3M.


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