A1 Group conducts trial of Cloud RAN solution in 5G network

Nokia has conducted a trial of its Cloud RAN solution on A1 Group’s commercial 5G network in Bulgaria.
A1 5G network BelarusThe trial, held in Sofia, involved a 5G data call using Nokia’s Cloud RAN solution and AirFrame servers. A1 is exploring the potential of Cloud RAN technology to evaluate its value in transitioning to the cloud. The trial utilized a commercial 3GPP standard 5G SA device.

This trial showcased the advancements made towards making larger-scale Cloud RAN deployments commercially viable. The Nokia Cloud RAN vDU served radio cells at a distance of over 15km during the trial, demonstrating its effectiveness. Additionally, Nokia’s suite of cloud deployment automation tools enhanced operational efficiency.

Cloud RAN offers operators and enterprises agility, flexibility, and openness, fostering collaboration within the broader industry ecosystem. It enables the delivery of innovative technologies and services, facilitating the establishment of new business and revenue models.

Nokia’s Cloud RAN solution provides consistent performance with purpose-built RAN, ensuring seamless continuity and high performance.

Nokia recently introduced anyRAN, expanding options for mobile operators and enterprises to build and evolve their radio access networks. Nokia’s approach supports the seamless integration, coexistence, and evolution of Cloud RAN with purpose-built networks powered by Nokia AirScale baseband across various network environments.

A1 Group, a prominent provider of digital services and communications solutions in Central and Eastern Europe, has a partnership with Nokia. Nokia supplies equipment from its AirScale portfolio, including 5G RAN and other AirScale radio access products, offering exceptional speeds, connectivity, and capacity. In addition, Nokia provides its 5G Standalone core network to A1 Serbia and A1 Slovenia.

Todor Tashev, Senior Director at A1 Group, expressed satisfaction with the successful trial, highlighting the integration of Nokia’s Cloud RAN solution with A1BG’s transport and Packet Core networks. He emphasized the maturity of Nokia’s solution, including edge data center and cloud orchestration solutions.

Alexander Kuchar, Director of Technology & Business Evolution at A1 Group, emphasized the trial’s significance in delivering top-notch 5G services to subscribers. Cloud RAN and open interfaces play a pivotal role in building and delivering future generations of cloud-based networks and edge services. These technologies introduce flexibility into infrastructure architecture and operating models, enabling innovation and the benefits of digitalization for customers.

Christoph Rohr, Head of Customer Business Team at Nokia, recognized the importance of this pilot trial with A1 Group, stating that customers should have the freedom to choose between Cloud and purpose-built RAN. Nokia’s anyRAN solution addresses this need and fosters closer collaboration with public cloud providers. Nokia’s collaborative approach to Cloud RAN enables efficiency, innovation, openness, and scalability, empowering organizations embracing Cloud RAN to gain a competitive advantage.