ADP AdvancedMD releases new tools for pediatric practices

Telecom Lead America: ADP AdvancedMD has launched an
array of new solutions for pediatric practices, which includes an Apple iPad
app, additional ICD-10 tools, and best practices workflow.

“Physicians are using iPads en masse and expect
practical and easy-to-use applications that allow them to be untethered from
their desk and practice. In this release we focused on delivering the most
critical scheduling, messaging and charting functions in a way that makes them
fun and easy to use,” said Raul Villar, president, ADP AdvancedMD.

ADP AdvancedMD is a provider of cloud-based electronic
health record, practice management, and medical scheduling
software as well as medical billing services.

As per a research study, iPad use by U.S. doctors has
nearly doubled and more than 60 percent of doctors use an iPad for professional

The AdvancedMD iPad app is an, easy-to-use tool that
allowed pediatricians have critical data at their fingertips anytime, anywhere.

 “Although many medical practice software
vendors offer iPad compatibility, our iPad solution has been designed from
inception to combine the intuitive iPad interface with the important mobile
functions in the EHR and PM,” said Steve ZoBell, vice president of
product development, ADP AdvancedMD.

Based on detailed input from our physician council, the
company has made increasing physician productivity simple on a mobile solution.

“This latest release by AdvancedMD shows how strong
investment in a well thought-out product, combined with wise platform choices,
such as the iPad, help make physicians’ lives easier,” said Joseph
Martins, managing director, Data Mobility Group.


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