ADTRAN brings new FTTN solutions for rural broadband

ADTRAN today announced the new version of sealed micro Fiber-to-the-Node (FTTN) solutions targeting deals from the Connect America Fund (CAF) Phase II program that aims to cover 700,000 locations in the US.
ADTRAN’s DSLAM portfolio
Connect America Fund (CAF) Phase II program aims to improve rural broadband service delivery in the US. Service providers responsible for expanding rural broadband under the CAF II program seek network solutions that optimize existing infrastructure, simplify deployment and improvement in the broadband experience.

Sealed micro FTTN solutions

# low-density (16 subscribers) sealed micro FTTN solutions for rural deployments
# high-density system level vectoring solutions (up to 384 subscribers across eight nodes)
# serves semi-urban environments and Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs)
# delivers up to 500Mbps services utilizing technologies such as Vectoring and Super-Vectoring
# backhaul technology extends service coverage thousands of feet from the fiber node
# supports multiple powering options, including local and remote
# support for both integrated and overlay POTS, together with IPTV services

“Flexible, cost-effective deployment options that offer a range of benefits, as seen in the latest advancements to ADTRAN’s DSLAM portfolio, are certain to be in demand among these operators,” Ovum Principal Analyst Julie Kunstler said.
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently announced updates to its CAF program to improve the quality and availability of high-speed internet service in rural America.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture also unveiled a $600 million loan and grant program to assist with building rural broadband infrastructure.

ADTRAN’s innovations in sealed micro FTTN solutions help service providers deliver ultra-broadband (100+Mbps) services into remote and rural areas.

“Service providers looking to offer triple play services in both underserved and urban areas will find everything they need within the most recent additions to our access portfolio,” said ADTRAN Portfolio Manager Javier Lopez.

FCC on December 12 announced that Connect America Fund’s Alternative Connect America Cost Model, or A-CAM would offer up to $67 million a year in additional support for carriers receiving funding through the program.

“This revised offer alone has the potential to increase by 100,000 the number of rural homes and businesses with access to 25/3 Mbps service,” FCC said.

FCC has also increased the $1.4 billion annual budget for carriers that continue to get support from legacy mechanisms by initiating an annual inflation adjustment, eliminating 2018 cuts mandated by budgetary rules established under the prior Administration. FCC asked Internet providers to expand deployment of 25/3 Mbps service.