Adtran Expands Mosaic One SaaS Suite with DxTEL’s Fiber Gaming Network

Adtran, a provider of networking and communications solutions, has announced a significant expansion to its Mosaic One SaaS suite with the integration of DxTEL’s Fiber Gaming Network (FGN).
Adtran at MWC
This addition marks a transformative step in how broadband service providers engage with gaming communities and opens up new revenue growth opportunities in the rapidly expanding gaming industry.

The Fiber Gaming Network (FGN), developed by DxTEL, is a fully managed and co-branded platform designed to revolutionize the relationship between broadband service providers and gaming enthusiasts. The platform empowers operators, regardless of size, to offer exclusive access to gaming tournaments, targeted esports-focused advertisements, and collaborations with local high schools and colleges. This enables the creation of unique esports scholarship opportunities and fosters strong community connections.

By incorporating FGN into the Mosaic One SaaS suite, Adtran is providing operators with unprecedented insights into the quality of experience for gamers. This integration introduces a new benchmark for efficient and secure delivery of cloud gaming, ensuring optimal connectivity during bandwidth-intensive competitions. Additionally, it provides service providers with a comprehensive view of the customer’s entire gaming experience, from gameplay to devices to subscription packages. This wealth of data allows for tailored cross-platform marketing strategies that resonate with individual subscribers.

Robert Gilbert, Principal and COO at DxTEL, highlighted the impact of FGN on the gaming landscape: “FGN isn’t just about online gaming; it’s about building community connections and unlocking fresh avenues for business growth in this rapidly expanding industry. Now integrated with Adtran Mosaic One, it’s helping to transform the gaming landscape, supporting immersive experiences that bring players together from all walks of life.”

FGN powered by Adtran presents a multifaceted platform that promotes community building, professional development, and revenue generation while emphasizing inclusivity and accessibility. It offers a complete solution for enriching the gaming ecosystem, whether by facilitating competitive gaming or forging partnerships between students, schools, and potential esports careers.

Robert Conger, Senior Vice President of Technology and Strategy at Adtran, expressed the potential impact of the collaboration: “DxTEL’s FGN powered by Adtran paves the way for service providers to get a significant strategic foothold in the booming esports industry. For subscribers, it delivers access to a thrilling and professionally curated gaming community, while schools and colleges receive the resources and toolkits they need to establish esports clubs and teams.”

The integration of DxTEL’s Fiber Gaming Network into Adtran’s Mosaic One SaaS suite signifies a strategic move to leverage the growing esports and gaming market, fostering community engagement and innovation within the industry.