Advanced RF launches distributed antenna system

Advanced RF Technologies DAS
Advanced RF Technologies launched next generation of distributed antenna system, the ADX V, featuring enhanced capacities compared to the previous ADX DAS Series.

In a press statement, the company said the new solution uses modular architecture and is ideal for supporting both single carrier and neutral host applications.

ADX V features a flexible platform that allows any combination of 700MHz, 700/800MHz public safety, cellular, SMR800, PCS, AWS, WCS, and 2.5GHz.

Its saves up to 60 percent rack space compared to the previous ADX DAS Series and supports up to a maximum of 64 remote units per head end. It requires only a single strand of single mode fiber per Remote Unit.

Advanced RF said the ADX V is ideal for providing wireless coverage for multiple dwelling units (MDU), commercial buildings, large venues and campuses, and metropolitan areas.

The company claimed that ADX V can eliminate the need for multiple wireline infrastructure by using a single strand of fiber to support multiple wireless operators. The ADX V will be available for commercial deployment in spring 2016.