Aeroflex equips S-Series product line with WLAN 802.11ac capability

Telecom Lead India: Aeroflex Limited has equipped
its S-Series RF signal generator and analyzer product line with IEEE 802.11ac

The new capability will be available for the SGD RF
digital signal generators (Option 119) and the SVA vector signal analyzers
(Option 110).

The mid-range priced S-Series was first introduced in
2010, and features widest bandwidth at 200 MH with level and frequency settling
times that are 5X faster at 100 µs.

  The need for increased device speed, data rates,
network capacity, and wide bandwidth have put pressure on the instrument’s
hardware to maintain modulation accuracy and increased bandwidth. The S-Series
is highly accurate and with 200 MHz factory-calibrated bandwidth, we can easily
cover the needs of 802.11ac with plenty of room for future technologies,” said
David Asquith, Aeroflex’s product line manager for the S-Series.

The S-Series’ wide bandwidth is ideal for WLAN R&D.
Using Aerolock, the S-Series instruments can be locked together to build
complex test set-ups.

The company said that SGD’s WLAN signal generation
suite is now updated for 802.11ac, supporting bandwidths of 20, 40, 80, 80+80
and 160 MHz and up to 8 spatial streams.

On the other hand, the SVA offers high linearity, low
noise, excellent level accuracy, and includes a built-in spectrum analyzer.
With 802.11ac capability, it offers measurement tools enabling analysis of WLAN
OFDM, DSSS, and DSSS-OFDM RF signal characteristics in accordance with IEEE
802.11a, b, g, n, and ac.    


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